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Timetable available here

Project meetings are scheduled based on the agreement with project supervisor.

Languages (15J2) are optional.


Explanatory notes:

A – building Horská 3 (so called the old building, use the passage in the 2nd floor from the new building to enter this building)
B – building Horská 3 (so called the new building)
K – building Konviktská 20,
F – building Na Florenci 25
UTIA – Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Pod Vodárenskou věží 4, Praha 8


P – lecture
C – training
V – compulsorily elective

* the lecture or training takes place only in the odd calendar weeks
** the lecture or training takes place only in the even calendar weeks
In case at the beginnning of the semester the training from particular course should take place before the first lecture, such training is canceled.


List of courses winter semester:

EAP    Energy Analysis of Land Carriage

IB        Information Security

MAI    ITS Mathematical Tools

SK       Signals and Codes

TDP    Traffic Flow Theory

TEF     Theoretical Physics in Transportation

TRAS  Control and Reliability Theory in Transportation

TSJ      Telematic Systems and their Design

XN1    Master’s project 1


List of courses summer semester:

APN       Analysis and Prevention of Traffic Accidents

ARR       Risk Analysis and Management

DMS      Traffic Modelling and Simulation

EMI        Economy and Management of ITS Projects

IDFS       Identification Systems

IV           Intelligent Vehicle and Safety

RZ1        Pattern Recognition

TAJ         Technological Aspects of Quality

TITS       Telecommunications in ITS

UES        Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems in Transport

ZDA       Data processing

XN2       Master's Project


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