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"Joint" degrees

Basic information

A Master's degree study in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) offers the possibility to study in the "joint" degrees form of study in cooperation with partner university.

Study must be undertaken partially at foreign university and student obtains a degree from a partner university as well as from CTU.

The partner university is the Linköping University in Sweden.

To be awarded "joint" degrees, completion of at least 30 credits must be undertaken at the host university. Student mobility is possible within the three defined study stages: 1st and 2nd semester, 3rd semester, 4th semester.

Study plans at each partner university are adjusted to complement each other, making study fully compatible and coherent for any combination of studied universities.

"Joint" degrees study is only taught in English in all partner universities.

The "joint" degrees study is charged by the manipulation fee 500 Euro per semester. This fee covers the costs of study organization and preparation, translations, mutual final exams committees, international thesis’ supervision, etc.


Entrance requirements

For the "joint" degrees form of study, strong English knowledge (e.g. TOEFL, FCE, or other comparable exam) is required along with completed bachelor degree in a technical field.

During the "joint" degrees study mobility students must complete all requirements at one university (e.g. complete all exams) before moving to the other university. 


Final exams and thesis

The Master thesis is done under the supervision of the main supervisor from the university where student is studying his/her 4th semester as well as under one advisor from the previously studied university. Final exams are organized according to the local regulations of the university where the student is studying his/her 4th semester. There is always at least one representative from the other university in the final exam committee.


Course Schedule

Content in the study stages is divided into modules of 6 credits that are consistent at all partner universities and differ only in the particular courses.

In the first study stage (1st and 2nd semester) the modules are as follows:

  • Transportation Systems I
  • Transportation Systems II
  • Automated Data Acquisition and Processing
  • ITS Management Skills
  • Mathematical Tools
  • Required Elective Module
  • Traffic Modelling and Simulation
  • Telecommunication
  • Specialization in ITS 1
  • Specialization in ITS 2


In the second study stage (3rd semester) the modules are as follows:

  • GIS, Positioning, Navigation and Identification Systems
  • Complex Systems
  • Human and Environmental Impacts, Safety and Sustainability
  • Specialization in ITS 3
  • Specialization in ITS 4


In the third study stage (4th semester):

  • work will include the Master Thesis and related courses


Procedures to follow in order to study in the joint degree form for the CVUT students

Procedures to follow by the incoming partner university students in order to study in the joint degree form at CVUT

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