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Intelligent Transport Systems

4 semesters of study for graduates of bachelor study

The future of transportation is inevitably linked with the spread of intelligent systems that can enable more effective usas of communication, increase traffic safety and reliability, decrease travel times and lower the impact on the environment. The development of new advanced transportation systems and their intergration into larger, more complex systems, creates an increasing demand for ITS professionals able to design, create, control and assess these systems. To match this trend, the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences (CTU – FTS) has introduced from academic year 2009/2010 new field of study specializing directly in Intelligent Transport Systems. There is also Bachelor's study in the study field of Intelligent Transport Systems available, but so far taught only in Czech.

Students who choose this field of study will gain theoretical knowledge of transportation, its future trends and practical knowledge of ITS projects. According to one’s chosen specialization, each student will be able to design complex telematic systems and assess the efficiency of particular transport-telematic systems and services, measure ITS systems‘ parameters and monitor their benefits for different users and manage the integration of vehicle systems and their incorporation into advanced ITS systems.

The field of study “Intelligent transport systems” is a part of a current study program called Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications and enlarges the spectrum of transportation education. The Faculty of Transportation Sciences is well recognized for its ITS education. It possesses vehicle simulators and has research laboratories specializing in ITS related problems (e.g. Laboratory of Telematics, Joint Laboratory of System Reliability and Laboratory of Traffic Control and Modelling). Last but not least, the Faculty of Transportation Sciences closely cooperates with the “Intelligent Transport Systems and Services of the Czech Republic” Association, with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and with many organizations in the private sector.

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